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Valentine's Day marks two years sober from addiction for Milwaukee man

Posted at 5:31 PM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 19:15:22-05

For one recovering heroin addict in Milwaukee, Valentine's Day is more than just a day about love.

32-year-old Brandon Hall has a strong link to Valentine’s Day because it’s a day that marks two years sober from heroin.

It not only means the world to him but it also means a lot to his family.

"Sometimes it doesn't truly sink in how long I've been sober,” said Hall. “Part of it is the fact that I kind of have a weird sense of humor."

But it was also a decision Hall needed to make to save his life.

"It was kind of fitting for me to say goodbye and actually finally start loving myself and being able to take care of myself so I can take care of other people," he said. "That and I also figured it was pretty easy to remember."

Hall told TODAY'S TMJ 4 he struggled with addiction for at least four years.

"When I was active using, I overdosed a few times," Hall said.

Addiction had taken control, and at one point the father of two was living out of his car.

Going through custody court was his turning point and he knew he needed to start his life over.

"It was just to the point that I knew the fact that something needed to change because I didn't enjoy life the way it was," he said.

So he turned to the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division for help.

"There is hope," Hall said. "There are the resources out there."

It's a message he spreads to others on his two year sobriety anniversary, while continuing to love himself and his children.

Hall is back to work and currently in the process of getting custody of his two children. If you need support or know someone dealing with addiction you can call 414-257-8095 or dial 211.