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UW-Madison is considering serving alcohol at athletic events

Camp Randall
Posted at 8:51 AM, Feb 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-18 09:51:27-05

MADISON — UW-Madison has begun considering serving alcohol at athletic events, the Director of Athletics told WTMJ Radio.

When students and fans head to Camp Randall for Badger Football, they have not been able to purchase any form of alcohol. From beer to hard liquor, nothing was available. That, however, could soon change.

UW-Madison Director of Athletics Chris McIntosh told WTMJ the school has been researching, considering, and experimenting with the concept of serving alcohol at Badger sporting events.

"This year with the south end-zone you'll see sales of alcohol served in open-air environments. That'll be a significant first step for us at Camp Randall," McIntosh said.

He also noted that alcohol will be served at the Kohl Center in March for the Greta Van Fleet concert.

McIntosh said the school has put a study together with other Big10 universities to see how serving alcohol at athletic venues would impact students and fans.

McIntosh said results "suggest that it creates a safer environment in our venues. It avoids some of the problems of binging that take place before fans come into our venues."

"We will begin to start experimenting," McIntosh said. "It's an offering to our patrons that they have come to expect."

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