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UW-Madison assistant professor twerks with Lizzo after her tweet goes viral

Posted at 3:07 PM, Oct 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-13 16:09:20-04

A UW-Madison assistant professor got to twerk with Lizzo after her #TwerkWithLizzo tweet went viral, according to WISC-TV.

Dr. Sami Schalk, an assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was invited on stage during the Lizzo concert at Sylvee Thursday night.

Since Oct. 1, Schalk has been tweeting #TwerkWithLizzo in hopes of Lizzo seeing it and being invited on stage. Luckily, her dream came true.

In her first tweet, she asked her friends what outfit would give her the best chance of being pulled on stage. The following week the professor continued tweeting at Lizzo with the hashtag in order to improve her chances of being noticed. The morning before the concert, Schalk made one final attempt to get Lizzo's attention and shared a video of herself twerking while wearing a shiny cape that read "Truth Hurts."

When Lizzo said she heard someone in the audience wanted to Twerk with her, Schalk said she screamed that it was her. One of Lizzo's people came out into the crowd and led her back stage. Next thing she knew, she was on stage twerking with the No. 1 artist.

Following the show, Schalk shared the video of her twerking on stage with Lizzo on twitter. She shared the details of her experience and explained how Lizzo wanted to make the night special.

"I got to dance with her. I put my butt on her butt, and I got to hug her," Schalk said. "It was just the best."