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UW Health plastic surgeon sued for oversized breast implantation, sexual exploitation

Posted at 3:55 PM, Feb 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-01 16:55:32-05

A UW Health Transformations plastic surgeon is being sued after a patient claims he purposefully inserted the wrong-sized breast implants.

According to WISC-TV, Dr. John W. Siebert is accused of giving a patient larger-than-desired breast implants while also being negligent in several complications associated with the surgery as well as a "tummy tuck" surgery. UW Health also is being sued for the alleged negligent hiring of Siebert.

The patient, Keri Anne Connaughty of Wausau, says she selected 225- to 250-cubic centimeter implants. But when she awoke from surgery, she discovered she had been given 350- to 375-cubic centimeter implants.

The lawsuit claims that while Siebert was treating Connaughty for complications, he called her "babe" and "sweetie," and at one point rubbed her bare legs while she cried in his office.

Court documents also claim that Siebert had also been previously investigated for an inappropriate relationship with a patient while operating in New York. He was hired by UW Health after the New York medical board withheld a suspension on Siebert's medical license.