U.S. speed skaters prepare for the Olympics at Pettit National Ice Center

A select group of U.S. speed skaters are training for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics right here in southeast Wisconsin.

In just five months, the 2018 winter games will get underway in South Korea.

Speed skater Trevor Marsicano isn't a newcomer.

"I've been speed skating since I was 13 years old," Marisicano said. "I'm definitely looking forward to being on the team this year."

Training five to six times a week, the 28 year-old is in the Petit Center preparing to be in his 2nd Olympic games.

"Of course the goal is to win and the goal is to be able to make the Olympic team," he said.

It’s something he hasn't done in eight years. In the 2010 games he was a part of the U.S. pursuit team that won a silver medal.

“It was very surreal watching them bring over the medals and once they place it on you, you think like wow I really got this," Marsicano said.

But 2014 didn't go Marsicano's way, with recurring injuries he wasn't able to qualify for the Sochi games.

"Sometimes you beat the guys by a tenth of a second and you're the one that wins and sometimes you lose by that tenth of a second," he said.

With this possibly being his last chance and being back healthy Marsicano feels strong about his chances this year.

"I feel like I'm smarter this time around, like I know how hard to push my body, I know the right things to do, I know what I shouldn't be doing," Marsicano said. "So as long as I just kind of stay smart and train smart then all should go well."

Before the big games, the 2018 speed skating Olympic trials will be in January at the Petit Center.

U.S. speed skaters will be training at the Petit Center until February just before leaving for South Korea.

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