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UPS holds hiring blitz Friday; looks to fill 480 seasonal jobs in Milwaukee

UPS hiring seasonal workers
Posted at 9:30 PM, Oct 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-27 22:30:26-04

MILWAUKEE -- — If you're still on the job hunt, seasonal work can help you pay bills until something permanent comes along. A lot of companies are looking to hire holiday help.

That includes UPS. On October 30, the delivery company is holding a hiring blitz called "UPS Brown Friday" where it plans to hire 50,000 seasonal workers across the country, including 480 in Milwaukee.

"Our average daily volume is about 22 million packages per day and during our peak season, we expect that to nearly double," said Danelle McCusker, VP of Human Resources at UPS.

"So we have our warehouse associates, which means you're really in our warehouses and you're a team member that's helping to progress our packages internally. So, it's more loading and unloading our package cars and our large trailers. Then you have an opportunity as a delivery assistant. It's a helper position, so you're able to wear our awesome brown uniform and go out on a package car with a driver, so the package cars are the little brown trucks you see driving in your neighborhood. You also have a great opportunity as an independent delivery driver. That's the position that means you are able to deliver packages out of your own personal vehicle this year," McCusker said.

"There's an opportunity out there for you," she continued.

The hours and pay depend on the positions, but McCusker says pay ranges from $14.50 an hour to up to $30 an hour.

Kohls and Cabelas have also announced their need for seasonal workers. Below are links to apply.

Wisconsin's unemployment rateis starting to look better. September numbers have us at 5.4 %, almost an entire percentage point down from the month before (6.3 % in August) and two and a half points lower than the national rate (7.9 %).

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