Unseasonable weather has schools and businesses changing up routines

Posted at 4:29 PM, Sep 25, 2017

Why is it so hot outside? That’s the question on so many minds. 

The weather has been really hot since autumn arrived and local businesses and schools are dealing with the circumstances of the weather.

It's hard to believe it’s fall, it feels like the middle of summer and the cool weather is taking it’s time to arrive.

“Why it’s still hot, I don’t know there’s a whole bunch of variables out there in the world today but we’re trying to be as. Eco-friendly and sustainable as possible,” said Jonathan Balicki, with Forward Courier, a delivery service.

 The hot weather isn’t forcing his company to take breaks from work.

“Yeah it’s a little sticky, it’s a little humid, the breeze is nice,” said Brett Huber, another courier.

Despite the high temps Huber says no matter the circumstances hot or cold they have to deliver.

“It’s not too bad, if you’d ask me,” he said.

That’s why he’s staying hydrated and cool with water, shorts and a short sleeved shirt.

Local businesses aren’t alone in this. Schools are also following protocols for hot weather safety. Doing everything they can to keep students safe a spokesperson with Milwaukee Public Schools says 

"District-wide, every school has at least one cooling room available for student comfort." 

Fortunately for everyone the heat wave is only expected to last for a couple more days.

“It’s a nice little slice of heaven before we head into the cold weather,” said Balicki.

Because everyone knows when those crisp temperatures finally do make it here everyone will be begging for some heat.

“We reminisce about these days when we’ve got three feet of snow and the lake effect is coming down,” Balicki said.

Temperatures are expected to cool by the weekend and these couriers say they will be looking forward to the breeze.