Union Grove man faces charges for allegedly groping 13-year-old

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jun 27, 2017

A Union Grove man is facing charges for child abuse after he allegedly groped a teen in Leider Park on June 23.

Nicholas Beecher, 18, is facing charges for groping and slapping a 13-year-old girl, according to court records.

The park is near Tiffany Janicek's home, and she is not sure when or if she will let her children play there again.

She said last week a boy approached her 13-year-old daughter, her 10-year-old son and their 13-year-old friend.

"This boy approached them and told them he was 16-years-old," Janicek said.

He stopped by her house and got a ride home from her. Janicek said she didn't learn until later that he was 18-years-old.

"My daughter got in the back of my convertible, my son was in the front. He hopped in the back and he tried to hug her," Janicek said.

Janicek said when her daughter rejected him he turned to her 13-year-old friend. Court records say last week while at the park Beecher, "tackled her, grabbed her pulling her close..." 

The 13-year-old tried to push him off and told him to stop. In that process, "he grabbed her by the waist, pulled on her bra, and tried to put his hand down the front of her pants."

"This happened at a park in Union Grove, small town area. We moved out here to get away from this kind of thing," Janicek said.

Records say three days after the incident Beecher confronted the girl in the park and slapped her when she wouldn't look at him. She slapped him back.

TODAY’S TMJ4 attempted to contact Beecher at his home for comment, but no one answered.  Beecher was released on bond, but is GPS monitoring until his hearing.