UCC excited for President Obama's visit

Posted at 7:30 PM, Mar 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 23:20:15-05

MILWAUKEE -- Excitement is already in the air outside the United Community Center on Milwaukee's south side, which oversees the Bruce Guadalupe Schools.

"With my kids, it's not at all like that when I go home, just so you know," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Aside from the jokes, Mayor Barrett said the president's visit is about a serious subject - health care for all.   Months ago, the president challenged 20 cities to see who could sign up the most people for health care under the exchange, and Milwaukee won. 

Barrett says that's helping part time workers, whose employers are limiting their hours to less than 30 per week, so they don't have to pay health insurance.

"For that young woman, if she doesn't have health care and she gets sick, she's probably gonna delay going to see a physician and then ultimately, she's gonna end up in the emergency room," said Mayor Barrett.

The United Community Center was among a long list of organizations and volunteers who signed people up for health insurance in Milwaukee.

"And with the growth of the Hispanic community, we feel it's an honor for the President to be here, to recognize the work of our staff, and our community and what Hispanics really mean to the city of Milwaukee and to this nation," said Ricardo Diaz, executive director of the U.C.C.