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Two suspects charged after resisting, causing bodily harm, obstructing officers

Posted at 6:31 PM, Dec 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 19:31:10-05

WAUKESHA — Two people are being charged after they injured two officers and refused to cooperate.

Thomas Chadwick, 35, is facing four charges after he resisted, obstructed, and harmed two police officers. Additionally, Audrey Kalman is facing one count of obstruction of an officer after she lied to the police.

On Dec. 11, Officers Kujawa and Sanford of Waukesha police responded to a call from a woman who stated there was a wanted subject at the Kohl's in Waukesha. She told police that Chadwick had gone into Kohl's intending to steal clothes and would be driving a grey Kia Sportage.

When Kujawa arrived, Sanford had located the vehicle and found Kalman and Chadwick inside. At the time, Chadwick was in the passenger seat with Kalman in the driver's seat.

When Kujawa asked for their names, Kalman told the officer who she was. However, Chadwick gave a false identity of Brandon J. Leau. Kujawa asked if either of them knew or had seen Chadwick, to which they said no.

The officer asked Kalman to remove the keys from the ignition and place them on the dash. She did.

Officer Kujawa began to walk to his squad car to confirm Chadwick's false identity. As he walked away, Chadwick snatched the keys off the dash and place the vehicle into idle. After further investigation, Officer Kujawa identified Leau as Chadwick.

He confronted Chadwick about his identity. Chadwick rolled up the window, yelled something at Kalman, and put the keys into the ignition. Kalman exited the vehicle and Chadwick jumped across the center divider and got into the driver's seat.

Chadwick proceeded to resist the officers as they tried to remove him from the vehicle. He was sprayed with pepper spray but wasn't affected by it. Additionally, police attempted to tase him but the cartridge wasn't installed properly causing the taser to malfunction.

The police attempted to remove the keys from the ignition but failed. Chadwick was able to but the car into reverse and drove backward at a high speed while his driver's side door was open. This caused the police to fall to the ground. Chadwick ran over officer Sanford's left arm and leg. Additionally, he caused officer Kujawa to sprain his knee.

Police pursued Chadwick for 60+ miles before they finally took him into custody. He admitted to lying to the police, smoking crack cocaine before the incident, and fleeing the scene. He also said he did not mean to harm the officers.

Kalman was also taken into custody where she admitted to smoking crack cocaine and lying to the police. According to a criminal complaint, Chadwick threatened to kill Kalman which is why she felt she needed to lie to the police.

Chadwick is now facing the following charges:

  • First degree recklessly endangering safety (two counts)
  • Resisting an officer
  • Obstructing an officer