Two skydivers injured in East Troy accident

Victims transported to local hospital
Posted at 6:45 PM, Aug 01, 2016

Two people were hospitalized Monday following a skydiving accident at East Troy Municipal Airport.

Officials say the divers jumped from the same plane, but separately. 

"The accident apparently happened under canopy as they were descending," said Todd Zimmermann of Skydive Milwaukee.

Zimmerman said both jumpers were experienced.

"That means not a student. They were licensed and jumping under their own supervision," Zimmerman said.

The divers were aiming for Skydive Milwaukee's property, which is adjacent to the airport and about .5 miles away. The two crashed near the trees at the airport.

Several reports say the jumpers' parachutes got tangled together, but police aren't confirming what happened.

"I'm concerned and hoping for the best for our two jumpers," Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman says early reports indicate the divers don't have life-threatening injuries. One of the divers was taken to the hospital by helicopter and the other was taken by ambulance.