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Two people shot in their homes overnight, both expected to survive

"You're sleeping and all of sudden you wake up to all the gunshots."
Posted at 5:20 PM, Aug 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-10 18:20:27-04

MILWAUKEE — Two neighborhoods were rattled after shots were fired into people's homes.

The first happened near 41st and Hadley where a 19-year-old woman was shot. The second was near 88th and Hampton where a 74-year-old man was shot.

Everyone is expected to be okay, but it's the latest example of how gun violence is hurting innocent people.

For Mike Wessinger and his family, the sound of gunshots are far too familiar near 88th and Hampton.

"You're sleeping and all of sudden you wake up to all the gunshots," Wessinger said. "They drive in the alley, they shoot, and poof they're gone."

He said so much changed since he moved to the neighborhood 60 years ago. Just this week, he's heard two different shootings.

WATCH: A nearby neighbor gave us a ring video from Monday night. It shows a car pull up, people jump out, and then you hear several gunshots.

Ring doorbell footage of shooting near 88th and Hampton

Milwaukee police say they are investigating it as a shots fired incident.

Authorities were back out there early Wednesday morning after they say a 74-year-old man was shot while inside his home.

TMJ4's Ubah Ali asked Wessinger if he's thought about moving.

"All the time," Wessinger said. "We're looking for places, but again, I've owned this house forever. It's hard to move."

Just a few miles away, another family's home was riddled with bullets near 41st and Hadley.

"Next thing you know you hear gunshots," James recounted.

James said his family just wrapped up having dinner when their home was shot up, a bullet went through the AC unit hitting a 19-year-old woman upstairs.

James said he ran upstairs and made sure the young woman did not bleed out.

He's grateful no one was killed but tells us he has no intention of moving away.

"This is your home, you're not going to let some kids run you out of it," James said.

Both shooting victims are expected to survive. The young woman will be undergoing surgery soon to remove the bullet in her shoulder.

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