Two Milwaukee men charged with stealing packages from porches

Posted at 6:32 AM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 13:31:55-05
Formal charges have just been filed against two men who police say stole multiple packages off people's porches on Milwaukee's east side. 
Harold Earl and Tyrence Tolliver are both charged with four felony counts of mail fraud. 
"I'm glad they were caught but there's so much crime and stuff these days, things seem to have gone down hill for a few years here now," resident Stephen Parr said. 
Parr had a package with neckties stolen recently. 
Police say Parr is just one of at least a dozen victims they've linked to Earl and Tolliver's alleged crime spree. 
Many of the thefts happened in broad daylight. A few incidents were even captured on surveillance cameras. 
"Don't mess with people's mail," resident Sam Gallagher said. "It's kind of just one of the meanest things you can do." 
Gallagher ordered a new smartphone which the postal service delivered to his front doorstep. When Gallagher came home, the package was gone!
"I circled the house because they've (the postal service) put it on the back door before, they put it on the side door before, but it just wasn't anywhere," he said. "I talked to my roommates to see if maybe they brought it in and they hadn't seen anything." 
Since September, police say Earl and Tolliver swiped electronics, clothing and Christmas toys. 
"I heard the guys who were caught had a record so I think they knew what they were doing," Parr said. 
Residents still remain on high alert and hope these arrests serve as a warning for anyone thinking about stealing packages. 
Earl and Tolliver have preliminary hearings scheduled for January 17. Both men have prior criminal records. 

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