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Two found dead in Pewaukee condo

Posted at 7:43 PM, Dec 06, 2017

Two people were found dead in a Pewaukee condo.  The Waukesha Sheriff’s Department isn’t releasing information about how they died at this time, and neighbors are on edge.  

“Totally unusual totally. We never even see police cars drives through here so it was it was kind of shocking,” said Eileen Kahle, a neighbor. 

Deputies found a man and woman dead inside a condo at Meadowbrook Village in Pewaukee Tuesday. 

“Very scary. I mean you worry what went on and you feel sorry for the families and whatever happened to them, but you just worry,” said Louise Kerstein, a neighbor. 

Tuesday Mukwonago Police asked the Sheriff’s Department to do a well-being check, after a woman didn’t return to her Mukwonago home. She was last believed to be at Meadowbrook Village, where deputies later found two people dead. 

“I saw all these lights outside so I opened my shades and I saw three SUV vehicles police vehicles and they were walking around and one even had a rifle and it was a little scary,” Kahle said.

Neighbors said most people in the area own their condos, but they believe the people involved were renters. They said this might be why didn’t know them well. 

“Everybody’s friendly everybody looks out for everybody else,” Kerstein said.

“We don’t suspect stuff like that out here,” Kahle said. 

Authorities aren’t releasing the names of the individuals until the families are notified.