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Twins try it out: Holiday Edition

Posted at 10:11 PM, Dec 19, 2019

MILWAUKEE — If you're searching for stocking stuffer ideas for the ladies in your life, our favorite identical sisters are back with their two cents for how you should spend your dollars.

Milwaukee area moms, Jayne and Jeanine tried out two potential holiday presents small enough to fit into a stocking: The 3-second brow -- an eyebrow stamp for $12.95 on Amazon and hair bun makers, priced at $7.99 on Amazon.

Our cameras captured their reaction. First, the brow stamps. The outside of the box says to “place and press”.

“Oh my,” said Jeanine laughing, while placing the stamp on her sister Jayne,

“Whoa!” said Jayne, who prefers a thinner brow look.

The product comes with different eyebrow stamps. One has more of an arch.

“Press it on the eyebrow itself, so you're not taking your eyebrow out to here,” Jeanine told her sister, who wanted to try it on herself.

Jeanine liked the brow stamp that didn’t have an arch.

“No, it's not bad!” she said.

“Thumbs up!” both twins said.

Next up? Hair bun makers. The directions seemed simple.

“Grasp the bottom layer of the hair into a ponytail, twist hair slightly to keep it tightly gathered,” read Jayne.

“It's like a slap bracelet,” Jeanine chimed in.

“You go up, and it all comes out,” said Jayne.

“I’m still confused,” she laughed.

After several more tries, the sisters came up with a unique look.

“There you go, there's your messy bun,” said Jeanine laughing.

The twins turned to the video tutorial.

“Okay, so I’ll just do what she did,” said Jeanine.

The final product? Not exactly what the video or pictures on the product looked like.

“I think it could be a thumbs up but for us, it might be a thumbs down,” the sisters said.

New eyebrows and messy buns, at least the ladies are feeling the holiday spirit.

“Merry Christmas to you!” the twins said.