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Twin sisters team up on Milwaukee Police force

Posted at 10:34 AM, Sep 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-27 19:24:14-04

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police officer Shamara Alexander takes pride in patrols the north side neighborhood she grew up in. It's her passion for people that drew her to a career of protecting and serving.

"We take oaths and we are here to help our community and that is what this is all about and it's about community relations.....I became an officer to steer people in the right direction and give them those resources they may not otherwise have,” said Alexander.

Alexander is the only female in the room during her shift roll call at district 4. Currently, our sworn female police officers make up 17 percent of the department.

Alexander looks to change that number by inspiring more women to join the force. She recently recruited her sister Camara Hutchinson.

"She's tough she's smart she's ready," said Alexander

For the last six months, Hutchinson has been training to become an officer at the police academy.

"Honestly everything has been challenging. the process getting here, a year long and then just training..... they have challenged me from beginning to the end,” said Hutchinson.

Thursday afternoon many will be seeing double when Hutchinson has the honor of pinning her twin sister's badge on during graduation.

"Never in a million years think that I would become a police officer and look where I am now," Hutchinson said.

The sisters hope their commitment to the city will encourage more women of color to join the ranks of the Milwaukee police department.

"I believe it’s a rewarding career an opportunity. I want to show my daughter and girls that look like me and girls that don't look like me can be anything they want to,” Hutchinson said.