Trump's top Wisconsin donors for his 2020 re-election bid

Donors from WI that started since Trump's election
Posted at 12:35 PM, Jun 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-09 13:36:36-04

MILWAUKEE -- Even though, Republican Donald Trump won Wisconsin in the 2016 presidential election -- the first time a Republican won the state since 1984 -- he failed to win the financial support of many mainstream Wisconsin Republican business executives.

But according to a report from the Milwaukee Business Journal,  his 2020 re-election is attracting some notable names from Milwaukee-area and Wisconsin business circles.

Right now, Milwaukee-area business leaders are directing most of their political contributions at the moment to the November mid-term U.S. Senate and Wisconsin gubernatorial races. 

However, since Trump took office, prominent Wisconsinites in business have contributed to the Trump campaign.

Here is a list of President Trump's top donors in Wisconsin since his 2016 election according to the Federal Election Commission and the Milwaukee Business Journal. The total contributions have been made between January 2017 to May 2018.

  • Roy Reiman, Reiman Publications, $2,700 contributed 
  • Roberta Reiman, retired, $2,700 contributed
  • John Brandser, Fiduciary Management, $2,700 contributed
  • Richard Lane, Broadview Advisors, $2,700 contributed
  • Andy Nunemaker, Dynamis Software, $2,700 contributed
  • Andrew Dillion, Dillon's Chocolates, $3,067 contributed
  • William Barry, Spped Systems Inc., $5,000 contributed 
  • Paul R. Ellsworth, Ellsworth Adhesives, $5,000 contributed
  • Patricia Ellsworth, Ellsworth Corp., $5,000 contributed
  • Paul O. Gehl, Lunda Construction, $5,000 contributed
  • John Burke, Burke Properties, $5,400 contributed
  • Kathryn Murphy Burke, retired, $5,400 contributed
  • Todd Nelson, Kalahari Resorts, $5,400 contributed
  • P. Michael Mahoney, Park Bank, $5,400 contributed
  • Donald Zietlow, Kwik Trip Inc., $5,400 contributed
  • Ronald Wanek, Ashley Furniture, $5,400 contributed
  • Joyce Wanek, Homemaker, $5,400 contributed 
  • Elizabeth Uihlein, Uline Inc., $5,400 contributed 

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