Donald Trump campaigns in Green Bay Friday

Trump, Pence to campaign in Green Bay Friday
Posted at 6:18 AM, Aug 05, 2016
GREEN BAY -- Donald Trump will make his first visit to Wisconsin Friday as the Republican nominee for president.
He's holding a rally at 7 p.m. at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay.
His running mate, Governor Mike Pence, will join him.
Wisconsin is considered a battleground state in the race for the White House.
"They're obviously coming here because they believe Wisconsin can be won," Rep. Paul Tittl (R) Manitowoc said. "Northeast Wisconsin, including the lakeshore in Manitowoc, can actually turn the tides of Wisconsin." 
Some of Wisconsin's top Republicans, like Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Johnson, are skipping tonight's rally.
Governor Walker will be at a fundraising pasta dinner for firefighters -- 250 miles away.