Milwaukee musician receives 100-year-old piano from stranger

Posted at 7:58 PM, Dec 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-09 20:59:04-05
A Milwaukee musician is given an early Christmas present -- a nearly 100-year-old Baby Grand Piano!
More surprising, the gift came from a complete stranger.
Trapper Schoepp and his band have opened for seasoned veterans like the Wallflowers and Soul Asylum and Schoepp is a staple at Summerfest.
The UWM graduate has been touring all over the world, his latest album just dropped and he's making music videos for most of his songs.
However, he still finds time to come home to Milwaukee.
"Everything in this house has a bit of a story to it and they all  find their way into my songs. I can't keep it out," said Schoepp.
In fact, his 1964 Mercedes became the title for his first album. Run Engine Run. The car originally belonged to his grandfather.  
"I was at his farm. In the corner, there was this glowing shiny glistening 1964 Mercedes Benz sitting there, and I said Grandpa whose car is that? He said, 'I guess it's yours. Merry Christmas,'" said Schoepp. "I have a strange way of inheriting or being gifted very important keepsakes from people I love and people who love me back."
But the latest gift is from a stranger! This nearly 100-year-old Baby Grand Piano was sitting in his living room when he came home from tour last night.
"I get home and I turn on the lights at 2 a.m. and there was this grand piano sitting here," said Schoepp. "It's a  
1917 Hazelton Piano, kind of my wildest dreams sitting here in my living room."
According to Schoepp, the piano's original owner was Margaret Frederick. The piano stayed in the Frederick family for generations. When the singer's friends heard this stranger wanted to give the baby grand to Schoepp, they came up with a plan to surprise him days before Christmas.
Schoepp says expect to hear a song about the antique piano soon.