Trail of hateful graffiti found in Greenfield

Posted at 11:22 AM, May 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-06 14:35:13-04

GREENFIELD -- A trail of hateful graffiti was discovered in different parts of Greenfield over the weekend -- including a popular bike trail.

Drivers heading down Cold Spring Road saw the vandalism early Saturday morning and called the police. 

"My reaction was I almost hit the person in front of me driving because I was surprised to see it," said Stephanie Junek. 

"At first I was shocked and then angry and then I was worried it would spread into the park and ruin our day," said James Zacher. 

No hateful messages were discovered at Alan Kulwicki Park, but the spray paint was found just down the road on the Route River bike trail. 

"It was bad stuff," said Zacher. "A lot of derogatory stuff toward the police. Everything was aimed at police."

Less than two hours after the scribbled words were discovered, city crews arrived to cover up the mess. 

Greenfield police say no arrest has been made.