Tourists flock to Milwaukee for Fourth of July

Posted at 10:51 AM, Jul 05, 2016

The Fourth of July holiday, coupled with the start of Summerfest, helped bring in visitors from across the country. It proves more than ever that Milwaukee is becoming a travel destination.

We've known for a long time how great Milwaukee is. But now, more people are figuring it out.  Our city saw a lot of tourists this weekend, who contributed a lot to our local economy.

"I came from Phoenix, Arizona," says Nick Giordano. "I've been here since Friday. I love it."

"We're from Lynchburg, Virginia," adds Erin Fitzgerald. "We also go here Friday, and we'll be here until Wednesday. We've gone to Summerfest, and just enjoyed the city."

Visitors like Nick and Erin signify a huge boost for local hotels, restaurants and bars.

Jared Looze, the Bar Manager at Wicked Hop, says the holiday weekend is probably the biggest weekend of the year.

"Our nightlife goes up drastically," he says. "It doubles. It's all hands on deck. We're incredibly busy. It's a crazy few days. It's huge for us."

The same is true for Uber and taxi drivers, who are in high demand. Signs of more people are everywhere you look.

On Monday, nearly all the Bublr Bikes in the Third Ward were out being used, and there wasn't a parking spot to be had.

"This place is great," Giordano says. "The people are so nice, and there's a lot to do. Plus, the weather is perfect right now."

The perfect weather to enjoy Bradford Beach, where you could barely find an open spot in the sand on the Fourth of July. Bradford was just ranked by USA Today as one of the five best urban beaches in the entire country. Another example of how people from all over, are taking notice of our city.

"It's so much fun here," Fitzgerald says. "The food and the bars are awesome. It's not too expensive. I would definitely come back, and will recommend it."