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'Together We Stand' event looks at bigger picture of Black Lives Matter movement, need for unity

Posted at 7:12 PM, Jul 25, 2020

MILWAUKEE — As Black Lives Matter protests continue to take place across Milwaukee, in Washington Park, a community event Saturday looked at the bigger picture of the movement, the need for unity.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Teontae Morgan still sees division throughout the city he loves.

“When you drive through the city you see the segregation, you see the differences,” Morgan said.

However, he wants that to change.

“With all of the segregation and separation and the divide in the City of Milwaukee, I wanted to create an event that kind of brought everybody together for a day,” Morgan said.

Eight weeks ago he came up with the idea to organize an event called “Together We Stand” that would unite people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

“I want people to feel that they can be comfortable with people from different backgrounds and different cultures,” Morgan said.

From speakers, to chalk art and animal balloon-making, to yoga, there were activities for both young and old.

It was the perfect outlet for Carrie Sykes to bring her two kids.

“We want to be involved with whatever we can do to help the community improve, and then not only for our families’ lives, but the kids’, their future,” Sykes said.

As a mixed-race family, she worries for her little ones as they get older, and talks about it with her friends.

“My friends are very concerned with how their kids are treating our family and other families in the future,” Sykes said.

In time, Morgan hopes that unity can improve these kinds of situations and spark change in the city.

“I just want people to start to realize that we have to come together, and we have to learn from each other and grow together,” Morgan said.

Morgan said he plans to make this is annual event in Milwaukee.

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