Tires stolen off multiple vehicles parked on Milwaukee's east side

Posted at 5:18 PM, Feb 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-26 18:20:15-05
Someone is ripping off tires and rims from cars on the east side leaving cars on blocks.
Stripped of a tire and rim on his car Dustin Busson woke up to find his car useless.
"Absolutely frustrating, just to have one tire stolen was kind of crazy," Busson said.
Busson didn't want to show his face because of safety concerns but he TODAY’s TMJ4 he hopes whoever is responsible gets caught soon.
"It was a little shocking; I’ve never had any problems with any break ins or anything like that before," said Busson.
Busson isn't the only victim, Milwaukee police say multiple tires have been taken from cars on the East Side.
"That's kind of alarming because we don't have a lot of crime around here at least anything major," he said.
However one thing Busson does appreciate is that the person responsible left his lug nuts so that he could put his spare tire on.
"They were nice about it," said Busson.
Busson says repair costs will be more than $500. He is looking forward to more of a police presence.
"It would be nice to have more patrols, maybe cameras, that kind of thing," he said.
If you have any information about who's responsible you're urged to contact Milwaukee police.

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