Tips to save on gas as prices spike

Posted at 5:38 PM, May 01, 2018

Americans are paying nearly 20 cents more at the pump than last month. AAA found the national average for regular gasoline is now $2.80, which is 52 cents more than last year this time. 

AAA and GasBuddy cite a number of reasons for the increase: Consumer demand, switching from winter to summer blends, and high crude oil prices. 

Drivers who shop around for cheap gas and plan specific routes can save at least $60 a month on gas, says GasBuddy. 

Cross country driver Ada Nielsen says everyone needs to just get over it because it's a part of the economy. Tim Townsend says he always fills up around half a tank and is a fan of loyalty reward programs that help save on gas. 

"Quick trip, Speedway, I mean you get some additional savings off their cards. Even if you have to buy a few extra items if it helps at the pump...It helps at the pump," said Townsend.

If you're planning to save gas by changing up your lawn care tools, that might not work says Ace Hardware manager Scott Ponfil. 

"It's pure performance," said Ponfil. "The cordless and the electric have come a long way but they still have not approached the gas yet. They still got a little ground to make up."

So the easiest ways to save gas are through your car by avoiding quick braking, flooring the accelerator, putting things on the roof, and fueling up with premium when your car can take regular gas.