Tim Kaine's wife Anne Holton campaigns in Wis.

Posted at 10:05 PM, Sep 29, 2016

She's very familiar with the campaign trail, but Anne Holton may not be a familiar household name. The wife of vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine was in Milwaukee Thursday helping with get out the vote efforts.
"I invite you to be on the road everyday until we get Hillary and Russ Feingold and Democrats up and down the ticket get elected," said Anne Holton.
She knows a lot about campaigning. Her father was a Republican Governor in Virginia. Her husband Tim Kaine is the Democratic VP candidate and current U.S. Senator from Virginia.
She tells TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson that living and working in the public eye has prepared her for this moment.

"If Tim is elected, if I get a chance to serve with him in that capacity," said Holton, "I feel like my preparation has helped me understand the bully pulpit is a valuable thing."
And she would use it to advance education issues. Holton recently resigned as Virginia's Secretary of Education to campaign full time for her husband. Education is one of her passions.

Benson: Do you think it's being underrated and not talk about enough in this election?
Holton: Well education, you're right it hasn't gotten a whole lot of discussion. Higher education has.
Holton supports investing more in K-12 teachers.

"Good professional development, helping to making sure our teachers get the training they need."
She says her husband is ready for Tuesday's VP debate.

Benson: How much of a political advisor are you to him?
Holton: (Laughs) That's a great question - I'm a sounding board for him.
The Trump Wisconsin Campaign issued a statement about Holton's visit to Milwaukee. "Hillary Clinton is too busy cozying up to her donors and special interests, so instead of visiting herself, she sends her surrogates to campaign for her," said Pete Meachum with the Trump Wisconsin Campaign.