Tim Kaine campaigns in Milwaukee

He spoke at 1 p.m. at Lakefront Brewery
Tim Kaine to campaign in Milwaukee Friday
Posted at 6:10 AM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 19:35:19-04
MILWAUKEE -- Hundreds showed up for a campaign event Friday held by Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

The event was held outside Lakefront Brewery.

Kaine spoke for about 20 minutes to the crowd, focusing on the economy and job creation.

But for Margaret Kelley, it was his views on higher education that meant the most to her family as she celebrated her son becoming a homeowner on Friday. 

"It's a momentous occasion," she said.

Momentous because she says her son had to wait until he could pay off his student loan debt.

Kaine spoke Friday about his support of a plan that would make community college free for students.

"[It] just means the world that other students will not have to pay as much," said Kelley. 

Many people who attended Kaine's Milwaukee event already had their minds made up when it comes to the presidential election.

For Katherine Green, it's not about whether people vote Republican or Democrat, only that they vote.

"For myself as an African American, I know that my ancestors, my forefathers, my foremothers died for us to have this right to vote," she said. 

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Green says she volunteers to help educate potential voters.

"It's not about blue, it's not about red, it is about all Americans," said Green. "I don't care if you have some different political views, it should not rise to level that you're going to ignore the constitution."

Kaine touched on the voting subject during his speech, bringing up a federal judge's recent ruling that struck down certain voting restrictions in Wisconsin.

"If you meet anyone between now and election day who tells you that they don't think their vote matters, here's what you ought to say 'If you don't think your vote matters, why is the other side working so hard to make sure that you can't vote?'" said Kaine during his Milwaukee speech.

The presidential election is now less than 100 days away.

"Voting is some power, it is not all power but we must all exercise it and participate in it," said Green.