Ticketmaster may owe you money

Posted at 7:27 AM, May 13, 2016
MILWAUKEE -- If you've gone to a concert in the last 17 years, Ticketmaster probably owes you some money. 
"These tickets, the fees were almost more than the actual tickets. It's pretty outrageous,"  said Appleton resident Ryan Berg. 
Many agree and that's why a class action lawsuit says anyone who purchased tickets using Ticketmaster between October 1999 and February 2013 may have been victim to deceptive and misleading fees.
Ticket King owner Jim Bryce said those fees are outrageous.  
"Anybody who's bought concert tickets through the years is seeing the percentage of these fees go up significantly," Bryce said.
Ticketmaster is offering a voucher worth $4 to $10.
"To them, it's really no skin off their nose. They're just getting you to buy more tickets," Bryce said.
If you're eligible for a voucher, expect an e-mail in the coming weeks. Customers can only use that money on future Ticketmaster purchases. 
"I wold rather have the cash. I would rather just have the fee reduced I think going forward," said Milwaukee resident Randy Phillips.
"I would say that's fair. I mean you're getting a little bit of recoup on your money and chances are if you bought tickets in the past you're going to buy tickets in the future," said Libertyville, Ill. resident Brad Bacilek.
Ticketmaster isn't admitting they did anything wrong. Many people believe the company needs to do more. 
"That's not even half of what I usually paid as a fee for Ticketmaster and I've been going to concerts for over 10 years. That's a lot of concerts and stuff that I'm probably not going to make money on," said Milwaukee resident Kimberly Hansen. 
Reports say attorneys in the case are apparently splitting $14 million.