Thousands say goodbye to Wisconsin detective killed in shooting

Died in shooting spree near Wausau
Posted at 5:09 PM, Mar 29, 2017

A community pays their final respects to Detective Jason Weiland, the officer who died in a Wausau area shooting spree.

Weiland was one of four victims killed during a March 22 shooting spree. He was laid to rest Wednesday at the DC Everest High School in Weston, Wisconsin.

An estimated crowd of more than 3,000 people filled the high school to pay their final respects for the Everest Metro Police Officer.

Weiland died responding to the shooting at a Weston apartment complex. Just minutes earlier the alleged shooter first went to a bank in Rothschild and killed Dianne Look, 67, and Karen Barclay, 62. Then, went to a law office and killed attorney Sara Quirt Sann, 43.

Police said the suspected shooter, Nengmy Vang, 45, of Weston was targeting his wife who is also a bank employee, as well as her divorce attorney. Weiland was shot responding to the apartment where Vang was reported to be hiding.

The shooting spree sent schools and businesses into lockdown. Nicole Clark and her two small children were in one of those locked buildings.

"It was very scary. No one knew what was going on," Clark said.

Alex Pupp, 14, felt the same thing when his junior high went on lockdown. But when he came home to learn four people had died he was heartbroken.

"I saw on the news that an officer was down and wanted to come back here and pay respects," Pupp said.

So did more than 3,000 others who filled the high school. Plus, hundred of law enforcement officers came as well. About a dozen from the Milwaukee area to act as members of the honor guard and to be in the funeral procession.

"It's an amazing feeling to know we are part of this community that should something such as a tragic situation such as this we have a huge family and huge community that would support us," said Specialist Jeremy Bousman of the Waukesha Police Department.

Despite the support, all the officers said when they leave a funeral for a fallen officer,  it's often a long quiet car ride home.

"You get home and you give your wife an extra kiss and you hugs your kids a little tighter," said Deputy Dave DeSamet of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department.

But the community in the Wausau area could not be more thankful for what police do in their community.

"Someone scarified their life to keep our community safe so we have to pay the ultimate respect," Clark said. 


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