Thousands pack lakefront on gorgeous holiday weekend

Summerfest is in full swing!
Posted at 1:14 PM, Jul 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-02 14:47:38-04
Summerfest is in full swing!
Sure, there's construction, traffic and thousands of people, but there's also a ton of fun to be had this weekend and no shortage of options to get you here.
It wouldn't be the "Big Gig" without a big crowd. The skyglider is full, the taps are working overtime, and long lines at the gate mean bumper to bumper traffic on the street, but, whether it's your first Summerfest or your 20th, no one's complaining once inside.
"We're going to see Blake. We're going to see Chris Stapleton. We're going to see Tim McGgraw, Luke Bryan and Paul McCartney," Beverly Hills said.
Beverly drives her RV in and makes a weekend out of it.  That way she can bring all her bling.
"You got to be a rhinestone cowgirl if you're going to hang out with the big boys," Hills said.
To avoid being stuck in traffic behind an RV or dozens of cars, Abdul Cartagena is one of many who bikes to the festival.
"I  get here faster than all my friends that are driving," he said. "It takes me probably like 10 minutes to get here. There's no where to park over here and it saves you money."
The Milwaukee County Transit System is putting more buses and shuttles on the roads this weekend to meet demand.
There's also a designated place to come and go via Uber.
"Über driver's the way. It's cheap. Why not?" Scott Fink said.
And let's not forget taxi drivers, like Sal Haris, who's been working non-stop.
"Summerfest means a lot of extra money to me," he said. "Like last night, I had some very good evenings. Business has been slow otherwise. Summerfest has really boosted my earnings."