Thousands line up for Section 8 housing

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jul 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-12 20:58:40-04

Through heat and long lines, thousands in Milwaukee patiently and eagerly awaited the chance to possibly apply for Section 8 housing, a subsidized housing program through Milwaukee County.

Tuesday started a three day, three location registration period for a lottery. Of the thousands expected to register, only 2,000 people will have the opportunity to apply for subsidized housing assistance.

"People are not thinking about the sun and the heat right now," said one young man waiting to apply.

There's no guarantee anybody will receive help, but despite hot temperatures and the brutal sun, the wait was worth it.

"You can't win a lottery if you don't apply," said Jaime Ewing. "I won't be any worse off than I was in the last 15 years, but if I get it, I will be better off in the next 15 years."

Ewing, who works at a bakery, has seven kids she's hoping to teach about equity by renting to own. She said she plans to teach them about finances, but that she needs help taking those steps.

"I don't teach my kids that I'm standing in line for Section 8. My kids know that I go to work every day and I pay the rent and I pay the light bill, the water bill and I buy their food," said Ewing.

People tell TODAY'S TMJ4 having subsidized housing will free up their incomes to go further. For Khadejih Sewell-Brooks, that means more diapers for her two-year-old daughter.