Thousands in southeast Wisconsin wake up to storm damage Thursday

Posted at 12:29 PM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 18:22:23-04

Homes in Mequon took a hit from Wednesday nightstand storm, as it ripped through streets knocking over lots of trees, leaving families with a lot to clean up Thursday.

Multiple trees on Bill Weber's property fell over. He told TODAY'S TMJ 4 he didn't see this coming.

"For some reason, our neighborhood got hit pretty hard, this is the biggest one I've seen in this area," Weber said.

Severe winds reached up to 60 mph Wednesday night and Sean Felli says he's blessed because the big tree that uprooted in his family's front yard just barely missed their home.

"That would've been unfortunate, we all just stayed inside and sheltered," Felli said.

However, Felli didn’t show much panic from the terrifying experience.

"It was like a blink of the eye," Felli said

Felli and his neighbors were some of the thousands without power Wednesday night into Thursday. They said all power was back on by the afternoon.

Meanwhile, in Mount Pleasant, high winds toppled tall trees on Sunnyside Avenue. One crashed down onto a pickup truck, badly damaging it.

Another landed on Sarah Cook’s driveway.

“The gutter on the garage, on my house, got clipped a bit,” Cook said.

The same tree landed on top of a couple of vehicles parked there, but Cook said the damage was limited to scratches.

“We’re just lucky it didn’t hit the house,” Cook said.

In Waterford, the severe weather blew the top off of a barn on Andrew Mason’s property. He said the winds took roughly 30 to 40 feet off of the barn. The roof and front wall are now gone.

Behind it, a pole barn containing farming equipment was reduced to rubble.

“(The wind) picked up that building, snapped off all the poles, and then set the roof back down on all the tractors and stuff inside,” Mason said.

Mason expected an insurance representative to come out and assess the damage Thursday or Friday.

He’s grateful no one was hurt.

“I’d rather the barn not have a roof than my house not have a roof,” Mason said. 

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