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Thousands attend the Milwaukee Air & Water Show

Posted at 8:23 AM, Jul 28, 2019

This weekend Milwaukee is living up to it’s summer nickname as “the festival city.” One drawing thousands to the lakefront is the annual Air and Water Show, which is a lot more than stunts in the sky.

The Thunderbirds created a spectacle over Lake Michigan Saturday afternoon as they zoomed through the sky to marveling eyes below.

Six-year-old Sophia Paringer was amazed at the site up high.

“They did cool tricks,” Paringer said.

But, she was also a bit scared to watch the planes go round and round.

“That looked dangerous,” Paringer said. “I would never do that.”

She was joined by her four other siblings and her dad, Steven Zanotti, a veteran of the marines, who felt it important to bring his kids to the Air and Water Show.

“I hope that they get you know as they grow older and they look back they’re able to realize that these things are special to us and to be an American,” Zanotti said.

While the annual event provides exciting stunts in the sky and the water, it’s also a chance to showcase and honor the men and women who protect our country, which is special for military families.

It was a proud moment for Ann Chin, whose son flies with the Thunderbirds.

“What it means to me is pride and joy,” Chin said.

Then there’s Julian Plaster, a World War II veteran whose family history goes back all the way to the Civil War and the War of 1812.

“I think it’s wonderful that they teach the little kids this, respect for the veterans,” Plaster said.

As adults and kids of all ages, celebrated our military, a torch was also passed down from a three-star general to a new class of recruits. An enlistment ceremony was held for 32 airmen and seven sailors all from the Milwaukee area.

“They’ve all made the decision to be part of our United States military, which is a great thing,” Air Force General, Brian Kelly said.

The show will continue down by the lakefront at 9:30 a.m. Sunday.