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Those who saw the SUV drive through the Waukesha Christmas parade say they will forever be traumatized

Over 100 people ran into a nearby book store to seek shelter.
Posted at 12:43 PM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-22 14:52:48-05

WAUKESHA — Many are grateful to be alive after an SUV plowed through the annual Waukesha holiday parade.

For Carson Kubsch, she was excited to make memories at the festivity with her daughter who was right by her side.

Kubsch noticed a speeding red SUV from ahead.

"Must've been going I mean at least 40-50 miles an hour, just came through and I saw near 83 people right in front of me get hit. I saw people right away run to the people that were hit and they were doing CPR and I saw people on the ground and there was blood it was really bad, " said Kubsch emotionally.

Carson and her daughter are ok but forever traumatized.

Nearby on the same street Martha and Merrill's Book Store, owner Norman Bruce and his wife Martha were inside of their shop during the chaotic moments. He also saw the speeding SUV from his view inside as the Waukesha South High School Band was marching through the streets.

"They just went through the band," said Bruce.

Shortly after people started to scatter in a panic, many including victims ran into his store. One of them was a high school band member that was bleeding.

"We were just you know using towels and things to help with trying to stop the bleeding. Then there were a number of band members who came in and I mean they were in a very highly emotional state and they were really shocked and I was trying to get them in the store and work with people at calming them down," said Bruce.

He believes there had to be over 100 people that came through his store to seek shelter.

"You had parents that were frantically looking for their children and would start yelling their names out just saying is she in here."

It soon turned into an all-hands-on-deck operation.

"It was amazing how many people just kinda really gathered around and wanted to help people."

Norman and his wife Martha continued to help throughout the night by keeping their book store open to provide warmth, restrooms, and snacks for officers on Main street where the investigation is still active.

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