Third "Dream Playground" coming to SE Wisconsin

Posted at 10:31 PM, May 16, 2016

NEW BERLIN -- Another dream playground is being built in southeast Wisconsin.

More than 1,800 volunteers started the new project early Monday morning, and the group is on a mission. In 7 days they hope to have the new playground completed.

Jamie Rodgers says "100 volunteers are working per shift, per day, and this will be done in 7 days so this had to be organized."

The new park will be equipped with ramps, a curvy stainless steel slide, and a wheelchair accessible merry-go-round. The goal is to build a playground every kid can use.

Rodgers says "there are kids with physical disabilities, but what people don't think about is the cognitive disabilities. What about autism? We have a braille panel, sign language panel."

This vision is similar to two other dream playgrounds in southeast Wisconsin. One is in Kenosha, the other in Franklin.

The park in Kenosha had to close a few months ago because of problems with the surface, and although the same designer worked on all three parks, these workers say they learned from those mistakes.

"We were able to know that in advance. We have used a different contractor to avoid that. They know exactly what happened and why it happened," Rodgers says.

The price tag for the new park is nearly $1 million. The city and the New Berlin Woman's Club is footing the bill.