3 bomb threats in 3 days at West Allis Central

Posted at 12:14 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-09 22:35:24-05

WEST ALLIS -- There will be no school Thursday at West Allis Central High School.  Administrators will instead be spending the day coming up with a plan on how to find whoever's responsible for threatening to blow up the building.

So much disruption - and they want it to end. Administrators will be meeting with police and the fire department first thing in the morning. There's now a $2,000 reward leading to an arrest.

A bomb threat was called in to the school Wednesday morning, and the suspect's still unknown.  West Allis Central has had four of these in the last month, including three this week.

“And it was kind of like scary but at the same time it’s kind of like angering to me that people think it’s like something to joke about," said Gavin Lemay, freshman.

Parents aren't laughing. Many had to leave work, and their fears are growing deeper.

“I believe it said they were evacuated to Mount Hope upon police recommendation or something similar," said Anne Gosetti, parent.

By mid-afternoon, police and the K9 unit cleared the school and allowed students to retrieve what they left behind.

“Like book bags and keys to cars got left behind," said Carnell Edwards, high school junior.

Classes are already cancelled for Thursday.  We're told the school year must now be extended by at least one day to meet state requirements.  That's upsetting students.

“My ACT’s coming up, school, trying to go to college. Going in the national guard, all that and this bomb threat is affecting all that for me," said Edwards.

For any students who didn't have the opportunity to get back here Wednesday afternoon, the school will be open again Thursday morning from 8a-9a so they can retrieve what they left behind in the evacuation.