Thieves smash car windows on east side block after Thanksgiving

Posted at 7:41 AM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-28 08:44:23-05

Many east side residents woke up after Thanksgiving to find that someone had broken into their cars.

The thieves hit at least five cars all parked in a row in the 2600 block of Stowell Ave.

"It's like surgically they just went up the street and hit 'em all," said Aaron Boyd, who has lived on the east side for more than 20 years.

He says he's used to seeing the occasional car with smashed windows.

"This is the most severe I've ever seen it," said Boyd.

He noticed the cars Friday morning when he went to say hi to his neighbor.

"She had a new car and I was complimenting her on her new car and then my mouth kind of gaped open because I saw she had a huge hole in her window," he said.

He says the thieves weren't successful in breaking into his friend's car, only damaging her window. But from the piles of glass in the street, they at least got into four cars on that block.

"It's ridiculous," said Boyd. "I get crime, I understand crime is a part of life. This verged on cruel. It was Thanksgiving, everyone's coming in and going in town and you hit them all then. And for what, like 60 bucks worth of stereos?"

He says he works third shift so he has seen potential thieves casing cars on his street, but he says the amount of cars broken into this time was just sad.

"You never quite feel as safe," he said. "Now I think we're very safe here but it does play in the back of your mind."

According to police, at least two people reported the break-ins from overnight on Thanksgiving. Police said they expected to receive additional reports.