Thieves attack postal worker on Milwaukee's east side

Scott Peller said he was just doing his job
Posted at 6:10 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 19:10:41-05

MILWAUKEE -- Package thieves picked the wrong postal worker. They attacked him on his route on Milwaukee's east side. When they tried to snatch the boxes, the mail carrier took extraordinary action to make sure his delivery didn't end up in the wrong hands.

Scott Peller said he was just doing his job. 

According to a criminal complaint, he went to a home trying to deliver boxes. The man inside refused to sign for them, as they weren't addressed to him. At that time, another man came up claiming the boxes were his.

The complaint reports Peller asked the man for ID, but he replied a friend was bringing it shortly. The friend walked up, saying the boxes were his. Peller again asked for identification, but neither men had any.

That's when Peller, according to the documents, told them they could pick up the boxes at the Post Office and tried to walk away. Those men tried to knock the boxes out of his arms and run away. 

"I heard my dog start barking and there was a ton of yelling and commotion," said Kelsey Lamb, who lives behind the house where the delivery took place.

The complaint said Peller yelled "STOP, This is a federal offense; I won't let you steal the mail!"

"I noticed one was a mailman, one was another gentlemen and they were kind of just going back and forth and the mailman was yelling a lot and he was yelling 'call 9-1-1," explained Lamb.
She did call 911. Milwaukee police confirm they responded to a robbery, arresting a 19-year-old man.
Daryl Walters is charged with Theft of United States Mail and assaulting, resisting or impeding government officers or employees. Those are both federal charges.
MPD continues to search for the other man involved in the attempted theft.