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'They only care about themselves': Neighbors angered in reverse 911 incident

Posted at 10:21 PM, Jul 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-24 23:21:42-04

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office said a threat in a Lisbon neighborhood was unfounded Wednesday afternoon. It caused a scene for hours as residents weren’t able to get to their homes.

Investigators said just after 2 p.m. they got a 911 call from a man saying that a woman came to his home on Lynwood, and told him someone was trying to kill her with a gun.

Upon arrival, officers found the man and woman, who said there were more people inside the home who may be held at gunpoint.

Eventually, three people came out of the house. However, their investigation revealed a gun incident never occurred.

Steve Kirchoff, who lives in the neighborhood, was angered by what happened.

“They only care about themselves you know. They’re not worried about what’s going on and other houses or neighbors,” Kirchoff said.

For hours, he and his neighbors couldn’t get home from work as a squad car blocked off Lynwood by Silver Spring. The Sheriff’s Office believed the incident was serious enough that they issued a reverse 911 call urging people to stay away from the area.

“It is frustrating because I just want to get home and get to my house,” Kirchoff said.

His girlfriend’s son, Jon Jesinski, was in the house by himself.

“I was scared actually. In this peaceful neighborhood I wasn’t expecting anything like that,” Jesinski said.

Law enforcement filled the streets outside his home with tankers and EMS on standby. From inside, he could hear deputies talking on a megaphone.

“The cops were telling the person to come outside and they know they have a weapon,” Jesinski said.

Jesinski and his neighbor, Dan Scholl said the people who live at the house that was in question are renters.

Other than that they don’t know much about them, except they see cars coming and going all the time.

“I’ve never met them," Scholl said. "I’ve never seen them walk off their porch. It’s like they either get in the car and leave. It’s not like they walk the neighborhood or talk to anybody."

Now they hope their normally quiet neighborhood stays that way.

“Moved out here to get away from all of this, and what are you going to do,” Kirchoff said.