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'There is good in our hoods:' Heal the Hood organizers promote non-violence

"When we come together magic truly happens."
Posted at 7:02 PM, Jul 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-17 22:32:09-04

MILWAUKEE — Community groups are working to heal the community from violence.

Heal the Hood Block Party
People visit different booths at the block party

The 'Heal the Hood' Block Party brought together hundreds of people from all walks of life for entertainment, foods, and most importantly conversations.

"I have my kiddos here because Milwaukee can be very segregated city. They go to a really great school but sometimes I feel like they're in a bubble," Milwaukee resident Erin Housiaux said.

'Heal the Hood' board president Brit Nicole said they host events in neighborhoods that maybe seen as dangerous to shine a light on the good in the area.

"There is good in our hoods," Nicole said. "There's so much good in our city it doesn't matter what they say about Milwaukee they can continue talking and we're going to continue to show."

Show the community that violence is not the answer to solving problems.

As of July 15, there have been 88 homicides and 442 non-fatal shootings in Milwaukee. This time last year there was 90 homicides and 315 non-fatal shootings.

RBJ Community Consulting Founder Rashidah Butler-Jackson helped her brother with the 'Heal the Hood' events for years and said anyone can help make neighborhoods more safe.

Heal the Hood Block Party
Vendors at the block party

"For us, it's not a color thing healing the hood means we all play a role," Butler-Jackson said. "If you don't live in the hood, you still have a responsibility to make sure these people have what they need to have a high quality of life."

Through the good food and entertainment, there is one simple message.

"If you want to expose the good in the hood it has to start within," Nicole said.

The next block party will be held in August for the back to school rally.

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