The votes are in: New giraffe named 'Zola'

Posted at 10:16 AM, May 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 11:23:15-04

MILWAUKEE -- After approximately 6,000 votes for five different name choices, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele announced Thursday that the county zoo's new giraffe will be named "Zola."

“I’d like to thank everyone here in Milwaukee and all around the country who participated in helping us choose a name for our new giraffe, Zola,” Abele said. “Zola means ‘to love,’ which is a fitting name considering how much there is to love at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Nearly half of all votes cast were for "Zola," the county says. The Zoo received votes from 35 different states.

The female giraffe was born on April 26th to mother Marlee and father Bahatika. The Zoo says she's "doing well, nursing from mom, and spending time acclimating to the other giraffes."