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'The sky's the limit with him': Franklin quarterback carries on the tradition

Posted at 10:38 PM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 23:38:45-04

FRANKLIN — Myles Burkett carries on the Franklin quarterback tradition.

"Obviously playing quarterback at Franklin? You got a lot to live up to, so it's a very humbling position here, but also you gotta work hard," Franklin Quarterback Myles Burkett says.

"The sky's the limit with him. But when you're a special talent? Defenses are going to do different things against you. And that's kind of what he's figuring out right now. And you know, the great ones? They figure that out real quick and they still make the plays," Franklin Head Coach Louis Brown says.

TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan says he's beginning to separate himself, in some ways. And has more passing yards than any other QB in the area.

"When he plays, to his potential? Our offense goes as he does, and he's awfully special. He really is," Brown says.

"Obviously, putting up big passing yard games. First week, 400. Obviously, that's all credit to my guys behind me, but being able to have that in my arsenal is definitely special for me," Burkett says.

Northern Illinois and Central Michigan are calling.

"We don't get a lot of junior kids that get a lot of love," Brown says. "And good for him because that's well deserved."

But there's unfinished business at Franklin.

"I can't achieve those things without those guys behind me. So, I feel like those offers are very rewarding. But at the same time? We still, and I still want to win a state championship here. So until I do that? I feel like my goals are accomplished," Burkett says.

"All the recruiting and all that stuff will come," Brown says. "Just take care of business here. That's the thing you gotta remind young kids sometimes. You know, they get a lot of love and all of a sudden they're like, they're waiting for more love. And it's like hey, it'll come, you're only a junior. Patience!"

That? And his dance moves.

"You know, just flowing to the music usually," Burkett says with a laugh. "So nothing special. But, just in the flow of practice you know, it keeps you a little looser."

As a junior? There's always room for improvement.

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