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The price of childcare: What do you pay?

Posted at 1:23 PM, Oct 30, 2019

Moms Jennifer Jex and Heidi Williams combined have eleven kids. So, over the years, the ladies have needed a night out when their busy schedule allows it.

"I've paid anywhere from $8 to $15 an hour," said Jex.

“I sometimes will even do a flat rate,” said Williams.

Besides a babysitter's level of experience, the friends said how many kids the provider is taking care of and the age of the children play a role in what they pay, meaning the dollar amount can drop when the kids are older. Jex said her pre-teens, for example, are much easier to watch.

“I feel like they are very self-sufficient," she said. "They will be fine on their own for the most part and they just need someone to kind of supervise them."

The popular website helps families find childcare. The site has a babysitting rate calculator. It puts the going rate in Milwaukee at $14.50 an hour.

Licensed school teacher and mother, Princess High, has been watching kids since her high school days. She charges $20 to $25 an hour when she provides childcare.

“I’m not your average high school babysitter. I am the mom babysitter,” High said. “I like to market myself more so as a nanny than a babysitter, so you get all the extras. I have the experience to be able to charge a little bit more and then I'm also, you know, not just going to sit there. I am going to make sure your kids are engaged, interacting, doing something."

She said she's also CPR certified.

“Whatever the rate is, make sure that whoever your child is with that they're safe,” High said.