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The Milwaukee Panthers' new home, after last spring season was shelved

Posted at 6:44 PM, Apr 26, 2021

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Panthers are at home at Franklin Field, and are loving every minute of it.

The sounds of baseball for the Milwaukee Panthers are so welcome after last spring.

"We didn't have one," Panthers Head Coach Scott Doffek says. "You know, we played a few weeks. And then just before we were going to get into our conference play, we were shut down."

One thing that helps: a walk-off grand slam by Jack Kraus.

"To be honest, it was a pretty awesome feeling. It was a surreal event. Just glad to spend it with them," Jack Kraus says.

"You know, and we opened up with a 4-win sweep of a conference foe. A couple of walk-off wins, which made it kind of fun. Just exciting," Scott Doffek says.

The Panthers pumped up to finally play in their new home, Franklin Field.

"It has been a long-time coming. And you know, it's even better than I think we had all hoped. It's just first-class in every way," Doffek says.

"And it does feel like home. But the Hank was home for so long that it's kind of like a new home, which we're enjoying, that it's such a beautiful place. And we're so fortunate to play there," Kraus says.

And fans feed the frenzy.

"The energy is palpable. You can feel it, and you know, I think, it's been a factor in the win-losses in there, quite honestly," Doffek says.

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