The Midwest has a case of the "corn sweats"

Could a vegetable be responsible for a heat wave?
Posted at 8:47 PM, Jul 18, 2016
As our area moves toward a heat wave, there's a certain phenomenon to blame.
It's called corn sweats.
"With the growth happening so much, Iowa, has had an immense amount of water in the North part of the state," explained Mike Westendorf. "The natural plant cycle of plant style actually breathes water vapor into the air and that actually raises the dew point," he explained.
And a higher dew point, means heat's moving in.
"Some of the moisture that comes from the fields is invected-or moved- into Southern Wisconsin," said Westendorf.
Hopefully you have air conditioning, but our natural air conditioner, Lake Michigan, isn't doing it's job as well these days.
"As the lake temperatures warm, we don't get that relief nearly as much as we have," he said.
Plus, it's been dry.
"Sandier soil, not unlike the desert, it tends to radiate off the heat a little easier," Westendorf said.
Westendorf said when it's as hot as it will be, it's an important time for people to check in on friends and neighbors to make sure their air is working. If they don't have it, he said people should ensure friends and family get a break from the heat.