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The Greater Milwaukee Men's Senior Softball League still has what it takes out on the diamond

Sure, it's softball with a few adjustments, but make no mistake! These players are all tough as nails.
Posted at 6:33 PM, Aug 15, 2022

It's America's pastime, where if you can swing a bat, you're never too old to play.

"We have 30 players that are 80 and over and we have one 90-year-old in our league and our average age is 76 years old. So, it's pretty phenomenal what these guys are doing at their ages," says Greg Baker, 76-year-old softball player in the Greater Milwaukee Senior Softball League.

That said, if you are too old to run, there are ways to still be safe at first.

"You can have a runner run for him. If you hit the ball to the outfield, they can't throw you out at first base," says Cy Swiecichowski, 88-year-old former player and league manager.

Sure, it's softball with a few adjustments, but make no mistake! These players are all tough as nails.

"Yeah, I just had some stents out in, but you know what? I'm going to try and get out there next week. I think I can do it. Or a guy will say I just had my MRI done and I have a torn meniscus, but you know, I'm still going to try to play today," says Greg.

Sponsored and supported by local businesses like VMP Health Care and Community Living, there's always someone to cheer these guys on.

"The energy level that these individuals have, running faster than I ever could around a baseball diamond. It's inspiring even to someone younger. The intergeneration piece of this league is pretty impressive," says Jennifer Klar, Executive Director of Business Development for VMP.

The Greater Milwaukee Senior Softball League has grown from six to 12 teams over the years; and it's even receiving calls from out of state.

"I just even had a call from Minnesota. The guy says I'm coming into Wisconsin, I want to play ball. My daughter lives in Milwaukee," says Cy.

Nowadays, it's hard to find the game in its purest form. Turns out if you're old enough, you'll find it on three diamonds at McCarty Park.

"The guys got something to get up and out of bed to do and stretching and coming out here, and you meet new friends," says Greg.

"When the games are over, they all go to a local pub and sit there. One will say, 'Hey I didn't get a hit today, but we won our game.' Then another will say, 'Last week I got four hits, and we lost.' Those are the things you talk about, and that's the fun of it," says Cy.

This season has ended, but if you are interested in playing next year, just reach out to Greg at 414-771-9532.

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