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'The goblins and the witches aren’t going to like this': Mixed feelings on early snow

Posted at 7:53 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 09:39:52-04

MILWAUKEE — Much of Southeastern Wisconsin saw its first snowfall Thursday earlier than usual, and people had mixed feelings about it.

The calendar may have said it was Halloween and the trees were filled with color, but outside it was looking a lot more like winter.

This Halloween, Mother Nature seemed to be playing a good old trick in the Midwest.

“The goblins and the witches aren’t going to like this,” a woman said as she was shoveling on Brady Street.

All day snow came falling down, covering roads, sidewalks and even pumpkins all across Milwaukee, at times reducing visibility for drivers.

It arrived a little too early for Mary Turk, who lives in Riverwest.

“I am not happy, not happy at all, wrong month,” Turk said.

She wasn’t thrilled to be shoveling on the last day of October.

“It’s just a hassle,” Turk said.

However, Rudy Fernandez was more than happy to welcome the first snowfall of the season.

“It could happen in August as far as I’m concerned,” Fernandez said.

He considered it a treat.

“I’m a winter guy. I like to ski. I snowmobile and things like that so it doesn’t bother me one bit,” Fernandez said.

A couple of guys surfing on Lake Michigan felt the same way.

Snow on Halloween is a rarity, so Fernandez and others wanted to enjoy the moment. After all, this weather was going to arrive at some point.

“Comes every year so after a while you learn to expect it," Fernandez said. "Gets you in shape.”