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'The fear is still there': DoorDash driver attacked at Shake Shack details the horrific incident

"I can't go back to DoorDash right now."
Posted at 5:12 PM, Jan 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-17 08:15:16-05

MILWAUKEE — The horrific incident that took place at Shake Shack Thursday, altered many people's lives including the DoorDash driver who was simply doing what she does every day, delivering food to provide for her family.

"I deliver from Shake Shack all the time. It's one of the restaurants that I like to deliver from." she said. "During the week downtown is usually really busy good orders, safe you'd think."

Thursday afternoon was no different, an alert came through her DoorDash app for a pick-up order from Shake Shack in the Third Ward.

As she was walking inside to pick up the order, employees alerted her that someone was trying to steal her car.

She looked back but no one was inside, she said that's because the man noticed her three kids were in the car.

"It was her (middle child) that really looked up and said to him 'who are you? Then he turned around when he heard that and said 'whoa' and jumped out," she said.

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The man dropped his cell phone as he ran out the car, so she picked it up and went back into the restaurant.

Shortly after a man came into Shake Shack, and told her to give him his phone back while showing his gun.

The situation escalated quickly.

"He jumped on me, tried to tackle me to the ground, he put his arms around me and tried to take me to the ground," she said. "Then the off-duty officer jumped in and got him off me."

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She said the two began wrestling and two shots were fired, striking the detective.

"While he was laying there all he kept saying was the plate number over and over again," she stated.

In a split second, everything changed and her only means of income was taken away.

"I can't go back to DoorDash right now," she said. "I can't put them (her children) through that."

Even today she said fear lingers even with two people in custody.

"I'm happy that they got two of them and got them so quickly, but the fear is still there," she said.

While there is long road ahead for her family, she's trying to stay positive through it all.

"Everybody was just so worried about making sure we were okay," she cried. "I'm trying to focus on the good people out there."

The good people including the Shake Shack employees and especially the detective.

"I just want to thank him for everything that he did," she said. "My kids have something for him."

A small token of appreciation for his heroic actions.

A GoFundMe has been created to help her get back on her feet while she relocates and finds a new job.

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