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The FAA could stop airlines from shrinking seats

Posted at 12:37 PM, Feb 28, 2018

MILWAUKEE -- The FAA is set to announce the results of its review of seat sizes andlegroomon airplanes. 

The review could prevent airlines from shrinking the space available to passengers as carriers continue to try and cram a few extra seats on board.

According to the group, Flyers-Rights airplane seats on average shrunk an inch and a half in the past few years. Plus, the leg room on a lot of flights has gone from 35 inches down to 31, making it a challenge to find comfort at 35 thousand feet.

"Flying can be very uncomfortable and as you can see I'm short. I can't imagine what it's like for men because it's hard for me to get into these seats," said Bobbie Peterson. She travels at least three times a year.    

Robert Smith flies out of Mitchell International Airport a few times each month.

"I'm not a huge guy, but I'm not small either," Smith said. "It's uncomfortable. Anyone bigger than me I'm sure it's that much more uncomfortable."

According to, Smith is not alone. Passengers are complaining about the tight space. In 2016, airline profits were down over $11 billion dollars.