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The best and funniest April Fools Day jokes of 2022 in Wisconsin

Some of the greatest April Fools' Day pranks
Posted at 5:55 PM, Apr 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-02 16:30:56-04

MILWAUKEE — On April Fool's Day, companies and organizations tend to mess with us. So, we made a list of some of the best and funniest pranks we've seen so far today!

Kwik Trip and Leinenkugel collaborated to supposedly create "Beer in a Bag" with the intention to have easy on-the-go beer.

What a great partnership, but most importantly, what an unfortunate joke.

The Wisconsin Badgers released that Brad Davidson will be returning for a sixth year after claiming medical hardship during the 2017-18 season.

The Badgers went as far to include faux quotes from Davidson and Coach Greg Gaurd.

"I've said all along that it's been my dream to be a college basketball player and compete at the University of Wisconsin and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have one more season in the red and white," Davison said. "I also want to thank Coach Gard for welcoming me back again and again and again and can't wait to get start a new chapter with my teammates and staff."

"We're thrilled to be able to have Brad on our roster for another season," head coach Greg Gard said. "Brad has always said he wants to squeeze every drop out of the college experience and I guess he wasn't kidding. We've never had a player go through three Senior Days."

For Badger fans, this news was refreshing.

Until recent video tweeted from Davidson clarified the press release to be an April Fools Day joke.

OnMilwaukee released a story that headlines “Rodger’s ex-fiance Shailene Woodly sets Twitter ablaze with Lafleur Slap”

This April Fools joke is an attempt to make fun of the recent situation that occurred between Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars.

OnMilwaukee even created a tweet from Aaron Jones that said, "That slap looked totally fake. She didn't even touch him."

OnMilwaukee also indicated that teammates and other coaches sat in stunned silence, while LaFleur regained his composure at the ceremony.

Will people fall for this or does the photoshopped picture give it away?

OnMilaukee also released a story that comedian and host of Manitowoc Minute has entered the Milwuakee mayoral race.

OnMilwaukee included a quote from Charlie Beren that hopefully didn't fool most readers.

"Holy shniekies, we gotta come together," Berens says in the announcement. "We gotta look at stopping crime. We gotta work on getting better representation in Madison. And most importantly, we gotta keep Milwaukee movin'. Thank you for your time – and hopefully your vote. Go Pack, screw the Bears, I approve this message, once."

The best line, however, was when OnMilwaukee suggested that Berens was behind expected winner of the mayoral race, Bucks center Bobby Portis.

"Early polling has Berens already ahead of Cavalier Johnson and Bob Donovan but still well behind the expected winner of the Milwaukee mayoral race: Bucks center Bobby Portis."

Although, this is a joke, we can already imagine hearing the "Bobby" chants from Milwaukee Bucks fans.

The Mikwaukee Brewers claimed that in light of Star Wars Day, players will use light-sabers instead of bats.

This tweet was maybe not as convincing, but Brewers hitting coach, Connor Dawson, was all for it.

New Land Enterprises unveiled new micro-leasing ProgramDating apps, which have informed New Land Enterprises that dating app users with a profile picture that includes New Land properties experience an uptick in matches, conversations, and in-person meetings.

Let's see how many profile pictures change before realizing its April 1st!

Wisconsin Alumni Association may actually crush some hearts today.

The alumni tweeted that the famous "Jump Around" during the 5th quarter of Badger football games will no longer happen.

Jump around is the epitome of Wisconsin Badger traditions, this can never be removed.

Mitchell Park Domes announced that they are creating a new dome that will help emulate the frigid temperatures we experience in Wisconsin.

“Excited to announce our newest dome, The Wisconsin Winter Dome to experience wind chill that makes you question why you live in this wonderful place?"

A summer dome might make more Wisconsinites smile!