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'That's my team': Lil Wayne shares how he became a Packers fan

Seahawks Packers Football Lil Wayne
Posted at 12:07 PM, Jan 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-13 17:47:57-05

GREEN BAY — It is pretty well known that rapper Lil Wayne is a Packers fan but not many people likely knew why until now.

On Wednesday, the rapper posted a video on his Facebook page featuring footage of him explaining how he became a supporter of the Packers and the Lakers. His reasoning for the Lakers being the late Kobe Bryant.

The reason he's a Packers fan, though, has more of a story behind it. That story starts in 1997 with Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans. According to Wayne, his dad attended the game, even though he had no knowledge of either team or the sport itself.

However, by the time he came home, he had loads of Green Bay Packers championship memorabilia.

"When you from the hood, towels and all that (expletive) doesn't get hung up, nailed to walls. That gets used. So every day I was actually using the Green Bay towel, drinking out of that Green Bay cup, eating out of that Green Bay bowl," said Wayne in the video.

He said because of that, and the fact that they were the champions, he decided "that's my team."

Wayne said he was the only one in school who liked the Packers, and most kids didn't even know who they were.

"I'd have to argue that they were a team in the NFL," said Wayne. He even added that he'd have to say "the cheese people" for kids to know who he was talking about.

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